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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | February 30, 2023 

Contact: Adrienne King                                                                                                                  

(901) 521-1300

MEMPHIS, TN—Most successful entrepreneurs first have a vision.  Then, they usually become the first to invest in that vision.  Entrepreneur and businessman J.W. Gibson has a vision for Memphis, Tennessee.  Appropriately, as a candidate to become the next Mayor of Memphis, he proudly announces the first and his personal investment into the J.W. Gibson for Mayor Campaign in the amount of $300,000.  This is to start the Gibson campaign fundraising.   It will be a high energy campaign, with a focus on engaging Memphians and communicating Gibson’s vision for Memphis.

“I learned to lead by example, and I will never ask anyone to invest in anything that I’m not already invested in,” candidate Gibson said.  Therefore, he encourages and welcomes the public to support his campaign with their endorsements, financial support and in October 2023 with their votes.  

The fact is, J.W. Gibson and his wife Kathy Buckman Gibson are pillars of philanthropy in Memphis.  Their investments and participation support have addressed a broad spectrum of important quality-of-life needs, issues and challenges in Memphis.  Campaign Treasurer and former Greater Memphis Chamber CEO Beverly Robertson said, “Memphis is at a critical place.  We’re blessed to have some great things happening and on the horizon, but our next mayor must be prepared to make sure Memphians are not marginalized but lifted, in order to benefit.” 

“We’ve got some serious decisions and some very hard work ahead,” Gibson asserts.  “Status quo is absolutely not an option.  Memphis needs innovative and progressive change and I’m the one for that.”

Though J.W. (James Wesley) Gibson’s story may not be widely known, he is unquestionably a Memphis success story.  He spent his early childhood in the Dixie Homes housing project before moving to the south Memphis side of town to ultimately graduate from Fairley High.  He served in the U.S. Navy and began his business in 1991 at his mother’s kitchen table, with her garage serving as the warehouse.   


He is Chief Executive Officer of the very successful Gibson Companies which consist of: The Premier Group, a wholesale distributor of medical and laboratory supplies; Southeast Regional Development Corp. focusing on affordable housing and real estate development and Tec Print, a commercial printing company.  

His journey is unique, yet authentically Memphis.  “I’ve been up, and I’ve been down,” J.W. Gibson said.  “I know how to overcome the barriers and roadblocks that face the City of Memphis, I’ve been through those challenges, they are my life story. I look forward to announcing details of my platform soon.”

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